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When We Remember We Are All Mad...

Just Say No To Psychiatry/Psychology (which came from Germany, Freud was a cocaine addict).
Mark Twain: "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."

So, don't trust the "experts", don't take their psych drugs to shut you up, and remember psychiatry is a baby "science" and usually pseudoscience, that they use it to torture people, usually powerless, women and old people and rebel children. Are you going to trust your mind to these pompous, aggressive, mean-spirited, forceful, ignorant, greedy, working-for-the-State elitists to "fix" you. Fix you to what? To their world of war, boredom and stupidity! Who wants to be fixed to their stale, dead, zombie-like world where we are all good worker bees, and working for Big Brother and religion and big corporations?

Help Starve A Feeding Bureaucrat.
Just Say No To Psych Drugs!



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