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New Film: Guerrilla Video Primer

The Cascadia Media Collective's Guerrilla Video Primer will inform, inspire and entertain.

The Cascadia Media Collective is excited to announce the completion of its newest film, "Guerrilla Video Primer."  With footage and analysis gleaned from years of experience around the country and a fast paced musical soundtrack, Guerrilla Video Primer is a great film both as a videography how-to and for entertainment.  From camera basics, to interviews,  filming in the middle of a street battle, editing and distribution - the film
explains how the Cascadia Media Collective has learned to make the quality movies that it does. 

Guerrilla Video Primer contains never before seen footage from the FTAA protests in Quebec City and the World Economic Forum protests in New York City, as well as powerful footage from the streets of Palestine.

After seeing the film's debut, respected local activists said things like:
"I kept expecting to get bored, but I never did!" and "That was the most informative movie I've seen yet about the anti-globalization movement."

The Primer's debut left people inspired, challenged and pumped.  You'll feel the same way when you watch it.

Guerrilla Video Primer is 60 minutes long and costs $18 (shipping and handling included).  You can see images from the film and get your copy at the Cascadia Media Collective's website,

You should get a copy.  You'll be glad you did.

Thanks to Resist Inc., the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation and the Whiteaker Community Council for helping to make this a reality.

Fighting the FTAA in Quebec City

From the film: Tape sketchy stuff from behind. Respect peoples' autonomy.

(more CMC pics from Quebec)




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