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Converge in Kansas City for humanity and against the FTAA April 21

If you can't make it to Quebec, we need you in KC!

On April 21st people from around the Midwest will converge at Volker Park in Kansas City to protest the next round of trade talks to form the FTAA. In solidarity with actions in Quebec, we're bringing these issues to a regional audience to start mobilizing our communities against globalization. For more information on the rally click here.

For more information on the FTAA and its affects on labor, the prison industrial complex, human rights & the environment, click here. email: sun_org (at) or call (816) 931-6734.


In addition to the rally, we are also having a four-day event to pull concerned peoples, activists, kids, hip-hop heads, punks, radicals, single-moms, dads, etc. together to confront the structures/struggles/institutions in our lives that keep us from successfully organizing our communities and living our lives to the fullest.

This is a NEW kind of convergence. So many people in the movement organize mass rallies for the sake of organizing mass rallies and many fail to think about the bigger/smaller picture. People in America are unhappy. People in America are sick of watching TV and working 40+ hours a week to survive. We want to move beyond the rhetoric of the national protest scene. We're going to create a NEW space… a NEW way of resistance. These conversations are happening all over the country, but hardly anyone has brought them out for public discussion.

Come talk about life, fear, love, happiness, bicycles, art, why everyone hates school and work but keeps going, why we have no control in our lives, why food costs money, and why we feel alone in a protest of 20,000 people.

Converge! Come to the Midwest Convergence in Kansas City, April 19-22, 2001 to protest the FTAA and start the discussions on how to build a movement for liberation. Expect food, housing, workshops, discussions, puppet making and more. The convergence space will be open April 19-22nd. On Saturday, April 21st we will bring the Midwest together for a rally and other actions against the FTAA. If you can't go to Canada, we need you in KC.



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