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Rainbow Money is Coming Soon

This came from a friend. I don't know the author, or the original source, but it does sound like we've heard of some of this before. Alan
To: Subject: Devaluation and Secrecy Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:22:36 -0500

I was just told the Green Money will be devalued 40% right off the bat, then ten cents per week till worthless by another source. They say this will be a good thing and has been kept secret because the drug people and terrorists have warehouses full of Green. This will not give them time to exchange it. It will become worthless overnight. Also, most of us have just a little cash to change in. Mostly drug dealers and counterfeiters have large amounts of cash. If someone goes to the bank with large amounts of cash, the money will be confiscated and they will get nothing. That's why all the secrecy surrounding the new rainbow money.



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