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AntiCapitalist Labor On Elections

This is something I wrote to a carpenter's list serve after debate about the elections.
What a wonderful victory these two front organization for the rich have scored by getting us to believe that our dissent can only be honestly considered, if it is expressed through an endorsement of one of their parties. What a huge distance they have gotten us to walk away from the times where we knew our strength was with each other, and not the newest children of wealthy families, military leaders, corporate heads and union busters. 

Once upon a time, we believed that government and labor should be synonymous, once upon a time we believed that the best thing that we could do was to throw these officials to the road and to make the decisions that effected ourselves directly; from the factories, building sites, mines, stores and warehouses where we work.

I have to extend a true respect for those enemies of labor that have gotten us to limit our vision and bravery to nothing more that a ballot box, though. What an accomplishment! They have taken the most powerful force on earth, that of labor working together, and turned it into a running talk show about what color the chains it should wear. 

Once upon a time we used to strike, we used to occupy factories, we used to march in the streets, and we used to do it without the humiliation we now have of asking the bosses for permission to do so. We have never needed their permission! Today the building trades are busy fighting for jurisdiction to build their own prison, and appealing to management and government for help and judgment.

As a younger member of the union, I would ask my brothers and sisters to do themselves the favor all us deserve; we need to think bigger. These fools robbers and murderers in Washington need us only for one thing: to do all of the work required for them to sustain their grip on our people and the people all over the world. Without us they would not fly through the air, their images would not be carried into our homes, their palaces would erode and crumble. Their cocktails would evaporate and their monuments would fall. They would not see in the darkness and they would not eat in the light.

Please give yourselves the strength and credit you deserve! It is my belief that the times demand this, and I believe that we will shortly be faced with a decision, our backs getting pushed further and further to the wall: how much of the world do we believe the working people deserve?  Whatever we don't take will be stolen and sold by the bosses their whips. I believe that will rise to the times, but I do not believe it will be by massaging the feet of these two parties.

Cliff Willmeng
Direct Action Network-Labor
Carpenters Local#1



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