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Dominick's Workers Stand Up and Fight Back - Strike Vote Today

9,000 Dominick's supermarket workers are facing down the Safeway Corporation's threats in Chicago. UFCU graphic - 'Many Faces, One Voice'
UFCU graphic - 'Many Faces, One Voice'

The Safeway Corporation is on the attack - and Chicago-land Dominick's workers are the latest targets. 9,000 Dominick's workers are attempting to bargain a fair contract with the supermarket giant. The workers are represented by UFCW Locals 881 and 1546.

Safeway bought the Dominick's chain three years ago, cut over 20,000 customer service hours that hurt workers and hurt business. Now, Safeway -- the most profitable and effiecient supermarket operator in the country -- expects Dominick's workers to take huge concessions that would destroy the lives of current employees and leave future workers with inferior wages and benefits.

Workers in the Chicago-land area continue to meet with the company and are voting on Safeway's final offer on Sunday, November 10th.

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United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Afl-CIO, CLC




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