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Negroponte Lectures UN, Iraq on "Responsibility"

The New York Times, the so-called "newspaper of record" of the US bosses, on the day that the UN applied its fig leaf to US aggression towasrd Iraq (November 8, 2002), carried remarks of one John Negroponte, US ambassador to the UN and a man with a sordid record as a bully boy for US aggression.

Other quotes of the day from the NY Times article:

After the vote, the United States ambassador to the
United Nations, John Negroponte, said the
resolution "affords Iraq a final opportunity."

"To the Government of Iraq, our message is simple: non-
compliance no longer is an option," he said.

Mr. Negroponte reminded delegates that Secretary
General Kofi Annan said on September 12
and in further remarks made by Mr. Annan today, that
the Council "must face its responsibilities."

Antiwar activists are reminded that John Negroponte was the US ambassador to Honduras during the Reagan years who helped funnel aid to the murderous anti-Sandinista Contras in neighboring Nicaragua. His behavior was so egregious that the International Court at the Hague ruled in favor of the Nicaraguan government complaint against the US. Of course, the US, in favor of the rule of law but only when it suits its interests, refused to recognize the jurisdiction of the court.

This is the rogue state, through it's brazen bully representative, that now lectures the UN and the Iraqis on their responsibilities. It demands that the Iraqis adhere to UN Security Council resolutions when it has ignored UN court rulings. It condemns Saddam Hussein as evil for terrorizing his neighbors, when it has successfully overthrown the governments of Panama, Grenada and Nicaragua in recent years, killing far more than those reportedly gassed by the Demon of Baghdad.

New York Times: Newspaper of Record Lies



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