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Cuban Students Tour Kick Off

Tonight the two compañeros from Cuba held a public meeting at Casa Guatemala. Approximately 40 people attended the event which kicked off a tour that will take the student and professor to various institutions throughout Chicago.
For a complete schedule of the Compañeros call Betsey Stone at: 773-294-6338

Voices of the Americas' purpose is that of creating a forum in which the distinct ethnic communities of Chicago can partake in dynamic cultural activities that will promote unity and harmony. One of Casa Guatemala's top priorities is a commitment to diversity. "The Program is designed to promote diversity, in the multi-ethnic-collage that is Chicago"-Julio Revolorio, former Executive Director.

The opening event: "Noche Cubana" will feature two Cuban academics currently touring the U.S.: Yanelis Martinez Herrera, law student at the University of Havana, and Javier Dueños Oguendo, journalism professor at the University of Havana. The student and professor team will be speaking about Cuba, more than 40 years after the Revolution. Also, Luis Jahn Argentine singer and songwriter, and Ramon Marines, Mexican singer and songwriters. There will also be Latin American food and drinks. Donation: $6.00.



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