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Where are the posts?

Indymedia should stop censoring!
why are post disappearing? where are they? who is doing this? there was a post here a minute ago where someone posted, however stupidly, a list of all jewing congressmembers claiming that some jewish organization was doing this and how catholics and christians don't do this.
However, its not there now. I have in the past tried to post opinions, basically from the right's perspective and they are all gone. I am not on the left however and was trying to see the response that people would have to what is considered a valid argument on the right.
Yet those posts were taken off. THis is censorship and now indymedia is deciding which post they like and which they dont.
Are you guys that afraid of the conservative point of view?
You are now becoming censors which makes you now batter then the rest of the media. What happened to balanced reporting?



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