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report back from anti TABD activities

Thursday sucked. It was hijacked by "jobs with justice" who declared themselves leaders and crushed any signs of dissent. There is also word that thier marshalls physically restrained a person attempting to assist a man who was being wrongfully arrested.

Friday was AWESOME! Food not bombs was downtown for over twelve hours giving away a ton of food. There was no planned march but at least a half dozen or so snake marches materialized (not at the same time) throughout the day.

Friday night in wicker park (yuppie central) six dumpsters were pushed into and tipped over on North ave. and Damen, creating a temporary roadblock.

Saturday- About 40 people showed up at Cook County Jail to do jail solidarity and stayed untill the two people arrested the previous night were released.

A more detailed report will be written later focusing on the sucess of the 'leaderless' march/events and the need to protect our movement from being hijacked by authoritarians. It should be noted that the entire organizing was done almost exclusivly by anarchists.



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