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Flyering Report Against The TABD

After two days of flyering around the lop, it is absolutly clear that our message against the TABD was agreed upon by most everyone we talked to.
I wanted to post this to let people know that a couple of us from D.A.N. -Labor and the IWW have gone flyering against the TABD for the last couple of days, and succeeded in gettgin out 1500 copies of our flyer.

The results were like nothing I have ever seen before. People, once they knew I was with the protesters would literally line up at times to get a copy. I had a five second little sound bite of my own where I said that it occurs to us that every time these rich people get themselves into a room together to make decisions about the working people, it is the working people that always get screwed. Nods and agreement would most of the time follow, and about one in five wanted to talk more.

This was also the first time that I ever handed people a flyer that suggested them to do something, (in this case come and march with us against the TABD) and saw them immediatly turn around and do. I could literally see them come to agreement about why we were there, think about it, an dmake a decision to stop what they were doing and go to Boeing headquarters. It was unbelievable.

There were times closer to the march while we were walking down Washington where I would hand out a flyer to an individual, and then once people found out what it talked about, they would literally line up to get them. So instead of giving my ten second introduction about why we were protesting, I found myself making speeches to groups of total strangers on the street corners.

We flyered restaurants, building sites, hotel and the general traffic on the street. At the end of it, it was very clear that people were on our side.

There is much to conclude about our efforts aginst the TABD, and one of the most important is that these protests against capitalism and the global rich are have become a resonance with people. It was clear to me that they were much more ready for our message today than back during Seattle in 1999, and we need to keep it up like a drum beat.

Take care care all, and give yourselves a pat on the back. We are having a true impact.




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