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National Student Action Day-Peace is Still an Option

Wednesday November 20th is the National Student Day of Action against war with Iraq. Join students across the nation expressing their demands for peace. Actions will occur the local level scattered throughout America providing everyone the opportunity to participate and oraganize.
Peace is still and always will be an option, but it must be demanded and struggled for. Are you waiting for a chance to speak out? November 20 is the National Student/Youth Day of Action. It is an opportunity for every young person to express thier objection to a war with Iraq. Do not wait for a national march. Motivate students on your campus to show opposistion to war. Five prostestors on one campus, a few dozen at another, and a couple hundred or thousand at others adds up to hundreds of thousands of students making a difference. Force the country to realize the decision on war rest with the people, and it is open to debate and resistance.



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