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Update on the Case of Aaron Patterson

The have been new developments in this case. We want to update you and give some heads up as to what's happening in the future.
Update on the Case of Aaron Patterson For a detailed background on this case see Currently, Mr. Patterson’s lawyers are taking a fairly aggressive approach to dealing with this case. They are preparing a Motion for Summary Judgement. The purpose of this type of motion is to show the Judge, in this case Judge Touman, that there is so much evidence to prove Mr. Patterson’s innocence and to prove he was tortured by Jon Burge, that the hearing should be waived and an actual new trial should be granted. This saves a great deal of time, as the drawn out process of calling witnesses and suffering the delay tactics of the State would be cut short. It gives the Judge a preview of the defense, so he can decide whether it’s really worth going through the motions of a hearing, and then a new trial when everyone knows the state really has no case here. The primary documentation backing this motion is the opinion of the Illinois Supreme Court ( ) which states: “…After reviewing the new evidence relied upon by defendant, we believe that it is material and that, as pleaded, WOULD LIKELY CHANGE THE RESULT AT RETRIAL. (emphasis apdc) In particular, we note that defendant has consistently claimed that he was tortured. In fact, he made this claim during his first court appearance. Moreover, defendant's claims are now and have always been strikingly similar to other claims involving the use of a typewriter cover to simulate suffocation. Additionally, defendant describes the use of a gun as a threat and beatings that do not leave physical evidence. Further, the officers that defendant alleges were involved in his case are officers that are identified in other allegations of torture. Finally, defendant's allegations are consistent with the OPS findings that torture, as alleged by defendant, was systemic and methodical at Area 2 under the command of Burge. “Thus, we believe that defendant has presented sufficient evidence at the pleading stage to entitle him to a hearing. At this hearing, the trial court can evaluate defendant's testimony in light of the OPS report and the relevant prior allegations of torture. Such a hearing will allow the trial court to determine whether (1) any of the officers who interrogated defendant may have participated in systemic and methodical interrogation abuse present at Area 2 and (2) those officers' credibility at the suppression hearing might have been impeached as a result. Consequently, we remand this action to the trial court for a hearing to consider defendant's new evidence relating to other allegations of police misconduct at Area 2.” It’s cut and dried. The Court strongly supports the evidence of torture would result in a new trial. Other information used in the Motion will be the discovery of all of Jon Burge’s disciplinary records and a Five (5) hour deposition of John Byrne, a police officer present at Patterson’s interrogation who stated to Carol Marin on national television that Patterson was guilty and that no torture occurred. This examination could also prove helpful. For more info contact .



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