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Hormel Meat Packers Strike

900 Workers at Rochelle Foods, a subsidiary of Hormel, demand fair wages.
Strikers outside Hormel subsidiary, Rochelle Foods in Rochelle, IL, continue the vigil they've been holding since March 16. The 900 striking workers are members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.
Workers at Rochelle Foods are payed well below what workers at other pork processing facilities are paid; $10.15 per hour when the standard is $12.60. The current contract offered only an $.85 increase over four years, which would leave the workers with 2% less purchasing power than they have now.
Bill Schmitz, UFCW International Vice President and Paackinghouse Director, said, "Rochelle is trying to drag down the wages for the entire industry. Sales and profits are soaring for pork processors. Living standards for workers should rise along with sales and profits. Rochelle Foods wants a u-turn on wages with smaller paychecks for workers while pocketing more of the profits that workers produce."
Strikers at the picket lines received a morale boost yesterday, March 22, when representatives of 26 local UFCW unions pledged financial support.



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