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Update 3: Breaking News from Occupied Palestine

Clashes continue througout Palestine. Israeli forces deploying tanks, using rocket fire and helicopter gunships. Massive arrest campaign by undercover Israeli units in the Old City of Jerusalem, nearby refugee camps,and Arab
villages and neighborhoods inside the Green Line (Israel)
Monday 2 October, 2000: Info by Addameer Prisoners
Support Organization at
Web posted 23:30 PM (GMT+2), Ramallah, West Bank

At least 300 families in Khan Younis have been evacuated, as three Israeli military posts are firing at resident's houses and at people directly. Israeli forces have tried to raid Khan Younis on several occasions, the last time being at 11 PM GMT +2. Clashes took place throughout the day at Netzarim Junction. The two housing building near the junction, approximately 40 apartments were destroyed and completely burnt out from rocket fire. The two building are 6 meters away from the Israeli military post. Helicopters also fired on the two apartment complexes with rockets and 800 mm ammunition. Three cars were also destroyed.

West Bank
In Ramallah, under cover Israeli units have attempted to enter Palestinian areas but were discovered by Palestinian security forces. Armed clashes are now taking place in Ein Kenya, at the Western entrance of Ramallah; Beitunya, the Southern entrance of Ramallah; and the nearby Israeli settlement of Jabal Al Taweel. The streets of Ramallah are empty of civilians, with Palestinian police on alert.

Clashes have been going on at the south entrance of Qalqilya. In Tulkarem, 4 Israeli factories were set in flames, two of which were chemical factories. Tractors were also brought in to further destroy the factories. Radio reports state that Israeli troops are parachuting down into the site. No further information at this point. The village of Kuful Haris is surrounded by Israeli troops, with reports of Israeli settlers and soldiers attacking Palestinian houses within the village, including throwing tear gas into homes, an arrest campaign, beating residents. In Salfit, in addition to injuries, Israeli Authorities have cut off the water supply to the area and the village is surrounded by Israeli troops. Helicopters have been shooting into the village.

Clashes continue at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus. In the mountains surrounding Nablus, Israeli soldiers have been shooting at residents with 500-mm caliber automatic guns. Helicopters have been shooting down 800-mm rounds of ammunition into the area of Joseph's Tomb.

In Jenin, Israeli troops tried to invade the city. Armed confrontations took place immediately afterwards and continued on for several hours. An Israeli soldier is reported to be in critical condition.

In Beit Sahour two Israeli soldiers were killed. Confrontations took place on the borders of Beit Sahour. There have been several attempts by Israeli troops to invade Beit Sahour. Clashes were also reported on the outskirts of Beit Jala.

Naim Abul Hummous, Minister of Education, declared that all schools in the West Bank and Gaza will be closed until Saturday 7 October 2000 for the safety of school children.

In Jerusalem, undercover units are undertaking a massive arrest campaign of Palestinians. Mass arrest campaigns are currently taking place in Kalandia on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Al Ram, Shu'fat, 'Anata and the Old City of Jerusalem. Palestinians are unable to travel to or from Jerusalem.

Confrontations are continuing throughout the areas of 1948 Palestine. Clashes are occuring in Um Al Fahem, Taybeh, Sakhnin, Nazareth, Haifa, Akka, Kufr Qana, Deir Al Assad, Arabet Al Batouf, and Fredeis Mass arrests are taking place in all of the above areas, including arrests of those injured from within hospitals. This was reported in Haifa and Nazareth, where policemen invade the hospital and conduct arrests.

For a complete list of those killed today and over the last few days, see



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