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police alerts and parking bans

Loyola University Alert Today...hmmm
To: Announcements
Date: Wednesday - November 6, 2002 4:16 PM
Subject: Street closures and parking bans

Due to the upcoming Transatlantic Business Dialogue Conference, the Chicago Police Department is alerting all residents and businesses about possible street closures and parking bans in the area.

The conference, which is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel at 301 E. North Water Street November 6-8, involves business leaders from both the United States and Europe. It is anticipated that there will be protesters in the downtown and North Michigan Avenue areas on the dates of the conference and on Saturday, Nov. 9.

The police department intends to have a significant, high profile police presence in the Loop, Streeterville and Magnificent Mile areas. Loyola's campus security department is asking Loyolans to be extra vigilant during these days, and to call 9-1-1 immediately to report any crimes or suspicious activities in and around their properties.

There is a "No Parking" ban in effect from 6 a.m., Nov. 6, through Saturday, Nov. 9. The areas affected include Congress to Wacker, Michigan to Canal, the Chicago river to Oak Street, and Lake Shore Drive to Clark Street. On Columbus, from Illinois to Wacker, the street will be closed to all regular public traffic from 6 a.m., Nov. 6, through Nov. 9.

Trucks will be allowed to make deliveries in all areas except during morning and evening rush hours. Emergency vehicles, cabs, CTA buses, employee buses and convention shuttles, will be allowed through the area after being checked.

For more information, contact campus security and police at 8-6039.



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