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JWJ schedule of events for Thursday's TABD protest

Jobs with Justice protest against the Transatlantic Business Dialog on Thursday Nov. 7th in Downtown Chicago.
By now, most of you have received a flyer and reminder calls regarding this
protest of the TABD tomorrow. And if you have not, you have at least seen
media coverage on this protest. I wanted to write to you all to ensure you
of a few things and to really encourage you all to turnout for this very
important event.

The TABD (Transatlantic Business Dialogue) is a coaliton of US and European
CEOs, largely from transnational corporations, and is perhaps the most
extreme example of "corporate rule", because it is an organization
specifically designed to "privatize" public policy decision-making and put
it in the hands of big business. Some of the organizations attending
include: Walmart, Boeing, Shell Oil, Halliburton, Baxter Health Care,
Goodyear, Unilever, John Deere, etc. Established in 1995, the TABD is
undoubtedly the most far-reaching international corporate-state alliance.
Mandated by the US government and the European Commission, the 150 large
corporations work to identify "barriers to transatlantic trade". In effect,
this means any regulation or policy proposal that does not fit the corporate
agenda on either side of the Atlantic. They will be drafting
recommendations to put forth to the World Trade Organization (WTO). They
will be discussing how workers' rights, environmental policies, and any
other kinds of "regulation" serve as barriers. From their web-site: their
goals are to replace public services with private services, replace gov.
inspections with company self-inspections, and replace a wide variety of
democraticaaly achieved domestic regulations with uniform global


We have met with the police and agreed upon a march route from Boeing
(Boeing CEO is chairing this meeting and is the host) at Washington and
Canal to the Tribune Plaza. They are giving us the streets - Washington to
Michigan. We have expressed to them that this is a PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT
PROTEST! And yes - the anarchists are also the ones calling for a peaceful
demonstration. Nobody wants to get arrested.

Please come out with your banners and signs and march with all of us as we
protest the recommendations of the TABD and more power being given to

Thursday, Nov. 7, 2002
4:30 pm Gathering at Washington and Canal
5:00 pm Speakers at Washington and Canal
5:15 pm March and lots of street theater!
6:00 pm Speakers at Tribune Plaza - Rally
6:45 pm Adjourn

Speakers will represent different perspectives on the TABD and corporate
greed. They include: Brach's Candy workers - IBT Local 738, IL Peace
Action, ACORN, Southwest Youth Collaborative, AFSC, SEIU Local 1, Azteca
Strikers (UE), Local 881 UFCW and more....

If you have any questions, please contact us at 312-738-6209.



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