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Chgo. Police Terrorize Teen

Afraid what what police might accuse them of, teens flee for their own safety.

My 18 year old son just left the Bridegport Police station at 35th & Lowe after having been arrested by police around 2am today. He was walking home after having worked on some verses with some friends, and they decided to take a short cut. When they saw the police they decided to run through the short cut area because the police in the McKinley Park area regularly stop people of color, though there are few Africans. But the police pursued them.
My son said the white officer said to the Hispanic officer: “why don’t you just shoot him”.My son is Hispanic. He jumped a fence, and avoided these two officers, but another car came up and he was physically abused, kicked(kneed in the balls) and punched in the head two times.
They put the handcuffs on his skinny wrists extremely tight.
He was very hungry, and they were very insulting towards me, as his father at the station.
I simply tried to explain that he was a college student at Malcolm X city College.

John Whitfield
CTU member, IFT/ AFT



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