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bad and good

this poem was written around 1 am this morning...
bad and good

looks like the usa senate is going republican

this is very bad

this means war, lots more conservative judges, tax cuts for rich, social security privatized, medical aid cuts, more police surveillance, repression of dissent, and so on

what to do?

there is lots of work to do....

there is a need for diversity of strategies and tactics...

this is how i feel tonight...

in a still place...

i don't feel hate
i don't feel afraid

i feel calm
i feel sad

i don't feel anger

though anger will come again and again at injustice and willful blindness
as much for narrowness of vision on the left
as for the bad on the right

there is a moment of clarity here...

this is the end of something

for many suffering and for more of the privileged here, this is the end of a dream, the end of comfortable lives, the end of freedom, the beginning of the end of an empire perhaps

this may be a time of a continuing rise of fascism and the militarization of police and law enforcement

direct action as property destruction will be smashed
and is a poor strategy (at least here) as it leads to state suppression of protest,
the escalation to violence by agents provocateur and police,
and demonization by corporate press of direct action

direct action as creative, theatrical nonviolence is much needed,
builds mutual aid, solidarity and good humor,
gets out powerful messages
and is hardy in many carnivals against capitalism

the media owned by a few corporations will contract further around conservative agendas

there is a way eventually to end hate, contraction, blindness and the abuse of power

this is love, expansion, awakening, and the shared use of power

it's pretty simple

now is a time for love, awareness practice, critique, and grassroots community and networking

when things get too hard, we need to get soft a lot...
and link up

we need to turn anger to our own rigidities between ourselves and inside our selves
as much as to finding the brilliance of power from below
in our struggles

we need to find love and community

if not, we will get lost in the darkness

it is a time for looking deep and long and waking up and being strong together

it is not a time for fear or hate

it is time for going into the enduring common good

gentle and profound strengths flow deeper than hardness

it is a time for saving the environment and building community and solidarity across communities and nations and making peace in small ways and in nonviolent ways and large ways together...

from this base we can gentle the hardness, the violence, the greed, and help more folks wake up

it is a time to move more in love and healing and community and shared strength and waking up



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