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Chicago Police Shutting Down Access??

Can someone please confirm/deny this report?
Last night, I attended a meeting of my neighborhood association. At this meeting, one member stated that the Chicago police precincts have recently adopted a policy of refusing journalists access to police reports. Hence,
the police blotters with which most everyone is familiar will no longer be available in the newspapers. Information will only be made available through a central location, pending requests regarding specific cases, i.e.
a police propaganda office. Some police precincts have always been uncooperative in this regard, but, now, the policy is apparently to become universal.

Do you know if this information is correct, or do you have a further information regarding this policy?

Needless to say, if this information is correct, it is concerning, as it would be another means by which the police attempt to hide their activities from the public eye. We are all well aware that the police oversight committees in Chicago are a joke, and, now, the police will be able to further hide their goings on from public scrutiny by making information unavailable or virtually unavailable. No doubt, police reports are of
limited value in empowering the public to critique police activities, as the reports are, obviously, written by the police, but, at least, the publishing of police reports gives the public some insight into police activities, if the public is willing to read between the lines.

I am just wondering if your group knows anything about this issue, as no one seems to be covering it, if it is, in fact, true. If my conveying this information to you turns out to be a fruitful tip for a story, please feel
free to run with it.



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