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Crucify a peace nazis or you'll get cramps before you go swiming.

"groove is in the heart"

Do not break any windows at my protest,
you should not smoke either, as it is bad for yours and others health.

Existence itself is violent; Does not the mundane act of taking a shower eradicate millions of micro life forms that thrive on our skin? Can you walk down the street without stepping on a trillion different forms of life? Can you harvest a crop without decimating a zillion organisms livelihood? Or do not these forms of life count, as they are not cute and furry, or they cannot 'think'? Is procreation not a violent act; forcing some thing into sentience, to live in this messed up world? What of the violence they will perpetuate as well? Are not we accountable for their acts etc... Should we (as thinking nature)not gather up all species and separate them from one another, so none eat one another? Everything consumes everything, and you scream that breaking some faceless self-absorbed institutions windows is violent and detrimental to 'your movement'! We all have our pretenses and opinions as to what could and or would make the human condition better, however, Yours seems to be based upon the alienation, exclusion, marginalisation and subjucation of others. Because we can not predict the outcomes of our actions, because we cannot know the future, because we cannot predict the effects caused, self determination arguably seems a humane way to let human beings be human. You, on the other hand, seem to yearn for a role in instructing them what is best for them, because you 'know'. I may not like a particular institutions policies, practices and or theories, but how can i not allow others to decide if they want them or not. If the peoples of Indonesia want to be mcdonaldafied, if they want levi's, let them have it. They arguably will not 'lose' their culture, infact their culture will have it's own unique interpretation of such things, this is what culture is and does. I may not like mcdonalds and have reasons for my dislike, and see it reasonable to voice these reasons to said people, but you seem to want to do what these institutions want, force! Force it on them! Force it away from them. This force of yours, seems to have forced its way into all aspects of your life. You'd like to force everyone at a protest to behave the way you deem fit. You want to force your own brand of rhetoric and propaganda upon everyone else. To your dismay (i'd assume), your forceful way of being is not at all unlike like christian missionaries; you deem such groups and organizations (such as the anarchist's)as wackos, and a harm to the cause, much like the european missionaries deemed native americans as soulless animals. Its funny how you peace nazi's mimic everything you voice to despise. The anarchist, on the otherhand, seem to be some of the most open minded individuals around here; i've yet to here them complain that you peace nazi's are stagnating the cause and or being detrimental to the revolution, even though, reflecting upon historical resistance movements and or revolutions, it seems that "peaceful" movements have had no more then minor policy change affects, where as re-creation of states and redistribution of power and or political systems has only occurred when 'radical' tactic's were employed. Do you even want anything more then some petty symbolic thing to idenitfy yourself with? It seems your self appointed idealism has less to do with society at large than your miniscule personna. You need your ID crucified already, and why don't you join your "peaceful" predacessors in corporate america already, as your main model for a 'movement' (the 60's)seems to have had little to no effect, otherwise this very web-site would not (need to) exist!



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