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Oct 14th March for Amnesty & Peace in Vieques

Come March in Support of an Unconditional Amnesty for the 6 Million Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S. We Are Also Demanding that the U.S. Navy Stop Using the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico as a Military Bomb Test Site.
Marches will begin at 10am at 4 locations:
West Town - Division, Ashaland & Milwaukee
Erie House - 1347 w. Erie
Humboldt Park - 2716 w. Division
Pilsen - 18th & Blue Island
On Saturday October 14th at 10am four community marches, from West Town - Ashland, Division & Milwaukee, Humboldt Park - 2716 w. Division, Erie House - 1347 w. Erie & Pilsen - 18th & Blue Island, will march in support of a General Amnesty for over 6 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and for the removal of the U.S. Navy from the tiny island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. The Marches will come together at 12pm at Union Park on Ashland & Washington and continue to the Federal Plaza on Jackson & Dearborn for a Rally. These issues are very important to the Latino community in particular and the immigrant population in general. Giving Amnesty to immigrants in this country will allow for families to stay together. Amnesty will give families basic rights such as access to education, housing, health care and decent jobs without fear of deportation. Immigrant workers are the backbone to our society. Immigrants come to this country simply to make a better way of life. We can make a difference by coming out and marching for our friends, family and neighbors. Similarly, our solidarity in the struggle for liberation of Puerto Rico symbolizes the unity between not only Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, but also the strength our respective communities in Chicago have for one another. The uprising of the people of Vieques against the U.S. Navy is a clear sign that military force and intimidation can not stop mothers & fathers from protecting the lives of their children and their children's children. The environmental conditions on the island of Vieques have become so horrific that many women have been unable to have children from the chemical and radioactive waste that is left from the countless testing of nuclear bombs. These two issues deeply affect the future of our communities and our families. Let's stop the exploitation of our people and our land and continue the struggle for Liberation & Self determination of all oppressed people against imperialism. Come March with us on October 14th! An injury to One is an injury to ALL! Venceremos!



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