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Univiers Force Us To Participate.

From the book "The Breakdown of Nations" which the stupid people, like the Clintons, who don't even know how simple law of the universe works, because they are stupid and want to be rulers, pompous and ignorant!
From the book "The Breakdown of Nations"

"small cells are the principle of health and division is the fundamental principle of cure.

"But once we broaden our scope to regions beyond the horizon, and extend our affections to vast multitudes such as nations or humanity, everything begins to elude our grasp. But since we are linked with every distant corner, every local incident turns into an issue, Yet, we must suffer because our unifiers have forced us to participate in millions of destineies that are not ours. This is the price of all its miseries"

"Largeness, then, seems the real cause of our misfortune, and smallness the source of our bliss."ous bosom, we have to share aiaocpe



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