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GAP GONE! Almost

GAP GONE! Almost (english)
Working for ME 9:49pm Sun Nov 3 '02 (Modified on 10:38pm Sun Nov 3 '02)

Good advice has it that the GAP inc. is preparing for Chapter Eleven proceedings.
GAP Inc. is reportedly preparing for Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy proceedings. The discussions and rumors have been circulating within the industry for years, but apparently GAP competitors like Diesel etc. are discussing the demise of GAP more openly and preparing to sweep the GAP market share by appealing to youngsters with a more "hip" appreoach. add your own comments

Go Nude (english)
Nerotic Republican 10:35pm Sun Nov 3 '02

"by appealing to youngsters with a more "hip" appreoach."

Nudity has been popular for about 3 billion years.

Do you think it's a fad ?

send it to FC (english)
asdf 10:38pm Sun Nov 3 '02



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