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UN Heats Up Behind the Scenes; Activists to Deliver Letter to Annan

The politics of the United Nations have never been more deceptive or misleading than in recent weeks as the United States alternately tries to bully and cajole other nations into supporting its proposed War on Iraq.
In the past week, already-frustrated reporters have been confronted with closed-door Security Council meetings, according to an exclusive NYC Indymedia report, and official statements that are neither communicative nor informative.

It appears that the resolution will be further delayed until after the US mid-term elections, while Russia and France continue to object to a resolution which threatens Iraq. The two countries want to defer UN action until international inspectors return to Iraq after a lapse of four years, according to an AP report.

Here in New York, members of anti-war activist group No Blood For Oil! will attempt at noon on Monday, Nov.4 to hand-deliver to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan a letter signed by over 1,300 scholars, scientists, teachers, artists and ordinary people worldwide calling upon him to vigorously uphold the principles of peace upon which the UN was founded.

Signers include playwright Eve Ensler, prize-winning novelist Arundhati Roy and historian Howard Zinn. Green Party gubernational candidate Stanley Aronowitz will also address the coincident rally and press conference.

Meanwhile, according to a report in Sunday's UK Observer, the US is already 'moving in for the kill', as some 40,000 to 50,000 US servicemen and women are converging on the Gulf.

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