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Week Of Resistance March 30-April 5th Bloomington, IN

The Bloomington Defense Committee and Buffalo Trace Earth First! are calling for a Week of Resistance to the state’s ongoing campaign against public dissent.
Please Forward!

Week of Resistance March 30-April 5 Bloomington, IN Call To Action!
The Bloomington Defense Committee and Buffalo Trace Earth First! are calling for a Week of Resistance to the state’s ongoing campaign against public dissent. The week will include forums, protests and workshops. Local campaigns will be highlighted, including the effort to stop the construction of the international highway, I-69. This event is being held in response to the recent arrest of Frank Ambrose, charged with tree-spiking (a class D felony). Ambrose’s arrest is just another tragic miscarriage of justice in the FBI’s current witchhunt against activists everywhere. Across the country, in many movements for social and ecological justice, activists are being harassed. Bogus charges, intimidation and cointelpro tactics are being used to threaten the future of all movements for change in this country. It is time to rein them in and take a stand against state repression. Please come and join us in showing the FBI that we will never be frightened into submission and inactio! n. This will be a week that Bloomington will not easily forget.

Here is the weeks schedule of events:

Friday, March 30
5:30 pm Critical Mass Bike Ride at Sample Gates
6:30 pm Dinner and Movie, “Timber Gap”
7 pm David Rovics Performance at Collins Hall, IU

Saturday, March 31
12 pm Anti-I-69, no more NAFTA protest and march. Courthouse Square.
3 pm Campout in local forest with skill sharing workshops (treeclimbing, orienteering, more) location TBA (upon arrival at registration)

Sunday, April 1
Early Morning Demo at Local Corporate Forest Destroyer, details TBA
5:30 pm Vigil for Political Prisoners, Justice Bldg. 6th and College Ave

Monday, April 2
9am-12 workshops
3 pm Anti-Corporate March. Begin Sample Gates
5 pm Many Faces of Struggle Forum, Location TBA
7 pm Forum on Global and Local Forest Issues. Location TBA

Tuesday, April 3
9am-12 workshops
Morning/Afternoon Protest Logging in out State Forest. Location TBA
7 pm Forum on the many faces of Repression: Patriarchy

Wednesday, April 4
9am-12 workshops Anti-sweatshop protest. Details TBA
5 pm Political Prisoner Support Forum, Location TBA
7 pm Forum on Government Harassment. Location TBA

Thursday, April 5
9am-12 workshops
Morning Protest and March against Gov’t Harassment. Start at FBI offices (6th and Madison) head to Justice Building where Ambrose’s pre-trial will be held. Afternoon/evening campout and Recap of week.

Location TBA All Week Long:* Free Food Served for Lunch and Dinner (11-12, 6 pm)* Radical Film Fest, run during meal times* Lots of Workshops including, puppet making, stilt walking, tree climbing, improv theater, etc.

If you are coming across the country for the FTAA protests in Quebec City, this would be a great mid-way stop and warm-up for the big protests. We will house and feed people who come in from out-of-town to help out. Just call ahead and let us know!

Contact info:
PO Box 3503
Bloomington, IN 47402 or,

Secret Sailor Books
202 N. Walnut
Bloomington, IN 47402
812-333-0173 defensecommittee (at)

If you can't make it, consider sending a donation to help defray the costs of putting an event like this on, or organize a demo on April 5th at your local Federal Building to draw attention to and demand an end to Government Harassment of Activists. Sponosoring Groups:Bloomington Defense Committee, Buffalo Trace Earth First!, Secret Sailor Bookstore, and Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross.

Also from the 5th to the 8th of April is the Lady Fest Midwest featuring music, art, film, and workshops focusing on womyns issues. Thats two weeks of exciting stuff to do in Bloomington! Please come out and support us!



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