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Chicago's Rev. Jesse Jackson Officially Endorses a Green Candidate

Text from a news release of the Green Party of the United States concerning the first Green Party endorsement by Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.
Friday, November 1, 2002
Benson Campaign Office, 814-456-4606
Dean Myerson, National Political Coordinator, 202-296-7755 (office), 301-651-5168 (cell)
Dan Kinney, Green Party of Pennsylvania Coordinator, 717-456-4606

Endorsement of House Candidate AnnDrea Benson in Pennsylvania is a first.

Washington, D.C. The Green Party of the United States announced today that the Rev. Jesse Jackson has endorsed AnnDrea Benson, Green Party candidate for the 5th Congressional district in Pennsylvania. The district is in the northwestern part of the state and includes the city of Erie. Benson is challenging Republican incumbent Phil English; no Democrat is competing in the race.

"The Rev. Jackson's endorsement today of my candidacy is a thrilling event for me personally, and marks a new era for the Green Party by recognizing that our candidates are of a caliber to receive the support of somebody with his history of achievement," said Benson, a former Democratic Party staffer from Minnesota. "As a member of Congress, I pledge to uphold the values that Rev. Jackson stands for with my fight for peace, justice, health care and education for citizens of the 5th district."

Eight Green Party candidates for the House of Representatives this year are competing against only one major party candidate, six of them against Republicans. As the major parties manipulate the redistricting process to make more districts safe for their own reelection, incumbents are facing less competition. But Green Party candidates are stepping into the gap and giving voters a choice.

The endorsement was welcomed by national Green Party leaders as well. "The Rev. Jackson's endorsement of a Green Party congressional candidate sends a clear message to voters nationwide that the Greens are a worthy alternative to the establishment parties," said national Green Party Co-Chair Ben Manski.

Green Party candidates have gained more endorsements from prominent organizations in 2002 than in any past election. A list of endorsements is posted at

Text of Rev. Jackson's endorsement:

"Today I take great pleasure in endorsing AnnDrea Benson for US Congress, and urge voters to cast their ballots for a revitalized America. AnnDrea Benson stands firmly on the side justice and hope, fighting for our neighborhoods, fighting for our seniors, fighting for all our people. Northwestern Pennsylvania needs jobs, Northwestern Pennsylvania needs affordable health care, and Northwestern Pennsylvania needs world class schools. Benson has proven again and again that she will work tirelessly for what we need.

AnnDrea Benson's opponent has voted at every opportunity for tax cuts for the wealthy, for welfare for big business, for shipping our jobs overseas. I am proud to say, 'Enough is enough!' This year, this Tuesday, get out and vote for YOUR future. Vote for AnnDrea Benson for Congress.

Thank you."


The Green Party of the United States
National office: 1314 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
202-296-7755, 866-41GREEN

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