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Milwaukee: Journal Notes From Tonite's Chomsky Lecture

I only wrote a few things during the Chomsky lecture. Here's what I've got so far.
Here's My Journal Notes From Tonite's Chomsky Lecture

At the bottom of this I'll reprint most or all of the local newspaper
article about Chomsky's lecture last night.


Journal Notes From Tonite's Chomsky Lecture

I didn't write much because I was so busy.
So here goes.

Oh wait! I wrote three things, not two.
Cool. I was soooo busy the whole night, I was
seldom near pen and notepad.
Here goes:

Access does not equal power.

It's never been access, it's often power.

"Soft targets."


Avoid the military. Hit only unfriendly civilians.
U.S. military could do this because they already
commanded the airspace.

Negroponte and Rumsfeld.


Yup, that's all you get so far.

I'll have many more thoughts as soon as I'm done
just saying "Wow!" every couple minutes.




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