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Loyola Chicago Students Will March Against School of Americas in Georgia

Loyola University Chicago students will be heading to Georgia, November 15 to 17, to protest the School of Americas where the U.S. Armed Forces trains "terrorists" to fight in Latin America.
Loyola University Chicago has been a traditional hotbed of advocacy and support against the injustices in less developed countries, especially in Latin America. Stemming from an Ignatian ideal (named after the soldier Saint Ignatius of Loyola who founded the Jesuit Order) of social justice taking priority over self, it is no wonder that Loyola's students are once again boarding a bus to Georgia to protest the School of the Americans (SOA).

SOA is a military training school for Latin American soldiers. The institutions is notorious for "pumping out death squad leaders and military dictators while undermining democracy throughout the Western Hemisphere," SOA protest organizers say. "It is continuing its murderous business under its new name (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation)."

"While SOA graduates are engaged in activities like the attempt to overthrow the democratically elected Venezuelan government and the killing of Colombian unionists, human rights activists are facing prison for speaking out against SOA Terror," the SOA protest website states.

Loyolans will convene at the gates of Fort Benning Military Base in Georgia, arm in arm with thousands of others who oppose the institution and its goals on November 15th through the 17th. There they will picket, march and hold up wooden crosses symbolizing those who lost their lives at the hands of the graduates of the SOA.

"The School of the Americas is nothing more than a terror cell. No different from an Al Qaeda one," Loyola activists said.

If you would like to join Loyolans or would like to contribute to their driving and living expenses over the weekend of the protest, please email Loyola University Chicago student organizer, Megan, at mkenne1 (at) So far, 30 students have committed themselves to making the trip from Chicago to Fort Benning.

Gerald Craig C. Farinas
Student, Loyola University Chicago
Sociology and International Studies



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