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Free FTAA-Quebec Protest Poster now available.

Also check out the website for other downloadable FTAA-Quebec flyers and posters
Here's a free poster for the FTAA protests in Quebec this Spring (April 20-22). Please note that it is most likely in gross violation of some bigass corporate hollywood copyright.

So, umm... I don't know where it came from. It just showed up on my doorstep in a basket with a note. Really.

There's three versions of the poster are available A small one, here on the left. This size (36K) seems good for websites, or for sending via email. There's also two larger versions: one in color (458K), the other in black & white (192K). Both the larger versions should print out to be about 8"x 9", leaving a bit of space at the bottom for local contact info.

You can pick up this little gem at:



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