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Update: Breaking News from Occupied Palestine

Thousands of Palestinians march in massive funeral processions for the latest martyrs of what is now being called the "Al Aqsa Intifada". Clashes continue throughout the West Bank, Gaza Strip,and Palestinian towns in Galilee.
18 month old child, Sara Abdul Azeem, shot in the head by Israeli settler in Telfit.
- Breaking news from Occupied Palestine -

Monday 2 October, 2000:
Web posted 2:30 PM (GMT+2), Ramallah, West Bank

Clashes have begun from early this morning in Nablus, Gaza, Ramallah, Hebron, Qalqilya, Jenin and inside the 1948 areas.

In Gaza, a march with the participation of at least 25 000 people began early this morning. Clashes began immediately afterwards with many injuries reported. A group of Palestinian children broke into the Israeli post at Netzarim, replacing the Israeli flag replacing it with the Palestinian flag. There are reports of Israeli soldiers using silencers and according to Voice of Palestine News at 2 pm, Israeli soldiers have used more rockets to fire at Palestinian buildings and have reportedly entered Palestinian areas in tanks. Ambulances are attempting to remove injured but there are not enough ambulances. One Palestinian, Yusef Nur, 20 years old, was killed after being shot in the heart. Twenty wounded are reported in As Shifah hospital.

In Hebron heavy clashes began from the morning with many injuries.

In Nablus, the bodies of martyrs have been carried in a funeral procession with more than 10,000 people participating. Armed clashes are occurring near Joseph's tomb. Sara Abdul Azeem, 18 months, was killed late last night after being shot in the head by a settler whilst returning to her home in Telfit with her father from the hospital.

In Ramallah, the funerals of martyrs from Al Bireh and Al Amari were carried in a march with more than 5000 people participating. Armed clashes are currently occurring near the settlement on Jabal el Taweel on the eastern side of Al Bireh. Jordanian helicopters carrying medical supplies have landed in Ramallah to take 20 of the most critically injured to a hospital in Jordan.

In the areas of 1948, clashes have continued and have spread to new areas. In Umm al Fahm clashes continue after the announcement of the death of Ahmed Ibrahim Mahmeed who was injured in the head yesterday. Twelve people have been arrested. Clashes in Jjith, in the triangle area resulted in the martyrdom of Rami Hatem Gara, 22 years old. More clashes in Kufr Kana, Taybeh and other areas. A commercial strike has been called for today in Haifa.

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