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Days of FTAA Resistance Begin in Ecuador

Hundreds march to protest ALCA (FTAA) and 7th Summit of the Business Forum of the Americas in Quiot, Ecuador on October 29, 2002.
The Ecuadorian days of resistance began the morning of Tuesday October 29th with a drawer dropping and general meandering in front of the Swiss Hotel in Quito, where the 7th Summit of the Business Forum of the Americas was meeting. 7 pairs of bared buns bore the phrase "ALCA NI CAGANDO" which roughly translates to "NO FTAA NOT EVEN SHITTING (joking) AROUND"
The message among the other 300 protesters was equally clear: a complete rejection of ALCA(FTAA) and everything the North is trying to impose on the South.
A black clad Anarchist militant waved a black flag atop a dump truck caught in the street congestion and another did the same on an armored personnel vehicle waiting in the wings. Syncopated drumming provided the backbeat for a call to dismantle capitalism.
Though a standoff developed with the manager of the Swiss Hotel and irritated drivers, the heavily armed military personnel present never challenged the occupation of the street.
The marchers returned to their point of origin at the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana and held their ground on the street for close to an hour.
Another armored vehicle menacingly cruising by was tagged with spray paint by some of the more aggresive protesters.
All traffic was diverted and no one was let through, even a local police vehicle.
The protest was organized by RADAK (Red de Accion Directa Anti-Kapitalista otherwise known as the Anti-Capitalist Direct Action Network.



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