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We are calling for a Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Bloc at the Ohio state-wide anti-war march on November 9.
Ohio Statewide Anti-War March - November 9, 2002

On November 9, 2002, a call has been issued for a diverse coalition to descend on Columbus, OH to protest the upcoming war in Iraq. We as revolutionary anti-capitalists support this call and are in solidarity with this demonstration and the groups involved. At the same time, we feel like we need our own space to promote our own politics, and are calling for a Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Bloc. The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Bloc will act as a separate feeder march, which will begin at the gates of Columbus State Community College and join up with the larger anti-war demonstration at the Ohio Statehouse.

As revolutionaries, we have a different perspective on war, capitalism, and the State. In addition, we choose to use different tactics to confront and dismantle these actions and institutions. The looming war with Iraq will only be thwarted through material interference in the capitalist war machine - we recognize that direct action is a key tool for mounting resistance to the war. We believe that only the complete overthrow of capital and the State will prevent imperialist war.

We feel that the real “Axis of Evil” is right here in our own country - from the military and prison industrial complexes, to the current police state and the erosion of our civil liberties, to the current administration’s alliance and complicity with Big Business. Not to mention the fact that it exists in our own backyard; what with Battelle, a major weapons-grade anthrax production and research facility, and one of the lead bidders to bring the Office of Homeland Security to Columbus, headquartered right near the OSU campus.

The “War on Terrorism,” currently rearing its ugly head as an attack on Iraq, is a naked land grab for regional control over Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil resources. In the last 11 years, more than a million Iraqi civilians, mostly children, have died as a result of our slow strangulation of the country. It is clear that George II intends to complete his father’s destruction of a whole country. In order to not be complicit in further acts of genocide, people of conscious within the U.S. must begin anew to build resistance to this everlasting war. The pace of events and the human cost of our government’s policies require firm direct action to stop the death of a people.

It is important for revolutionaries to define our oppositions in our own terms, with our own words and actions, our own organizations, and our own politics. We are calling for all revolutionaries - no matter what radical flag you may wave - to participate in the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Bloc on November 9, 2002. We are putting out this call to start building revolutionary opposition to the war in the state of Ohio.

Please join us on November 9, 2002 at the corner of Spring Street and Cleveland Avenue on the Columbus State campus. We will be meeting up at 12:30 PM and leaving at 12:45 SHARP (this is NOT activist time). Hope to see you there!

Please stick around after the march, as we are also calling a general meeting to form a radical anti-war coalition. More information to follow…

No War Between Nations, No Peace Between Classes!
Against Fascism,
Against Capitalism, Against the State!
For a Free Humanity!


Columbus Anti-Racist Action

If you are interested in endorsing this call, please email us:

Endorsed By:

New York City Anti-Racist Action
Dr. Bob Fitrakis, Executive Director/Editor, The Columbus Free Press (Professor of Political Science, Columbus State Community College*)

*For identification purposes only

For further information, please contact Columbus ARA: aracolumbus (at) or 614-596-7677.



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