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Western Muslim Writers Launch New Web Magazine

Journal to Promote Dialogue of Civilizations, Introspection
Journal to Promote Dialogue of Civilizations, Introspection

(Falls Church, Virginia - 29/10/2002) Asking themselves, "What went wrong?"
a group of Muslim writers living in America, Europe, and Australia today
launched a Web-based publication they hope will be part of a solution to
conflict between Islam and the West.

Editors of the new weekly publication, A True Word
(, say they aim to promote honest dialogue and
understanding between cultures and religions.

"As Muslims born and raised in the heart of the West, we are in a unique
position to understand the fault lines between these two world
civilizations," said Amir Butler, a member of A True Word's editorial board
based in Melbourne, Australia and a convert to Islam. "As part and parcel of
both worlds, this is our responsibility."

Co-editor Ismail Royer, a convert to Islam based in Washington, DC, and
Bosnia, says both Muslims and non-Muslims need to change their behavior,
their thinking, and their approach to their relationship with each other,
which he says has been compromised. "We've got to try to understand each
other in a context free of the influence of extremists on both sides, who
believe their agendas will be served by promoting endless conflict," said

The publishers take a strong stand against the notion that non-hostile
dialogue requires an endorsement of the other's views. "Dialogue doesn't
mean that participants must distort or misrepresent their beliefs," Royer
added. "A conversation not grounded in honesty is not real communication."

The publication's mission statement states:

"A True Word was established to provide an authentic Islamic viewpoint on
contemporary issues, and to actively engage the non-Muslim world in a
constructive and honest dialogue of ideas. We write for both Muslims and

"This magazine was born of dissatisfaction with the level of dialogue in the
Muslim world. We recognized the need to bring a fresh and coherent voice to
respond to the challenges we face with reasoned and accessible arguments.

"At the same time, we believe that the Muslim community needs to engage in
constructive self-criticism and introspection, and be open and frank as we
assess our successes and shortcomings.

"In supporting that aim, we will endeavor to bring to our readership high
quality, original and challenging articles that do not shy away from asking
tough questions and proposing innovative solutions."

Contact: Amir Butler (Australia) abutler (at)
Ismail Royer (Washington, DC) iroyer (at)



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