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$tarbucks CEO Orin $mith says that $tarbucks is moving towards rBGH-free dairy in all of it's stores. Protest will go forward as planned for M20.
$tarbucks CEO Orin Smith said yesterday "the company was hoping customers would be given the choice of growth hormone-free milk by late this summer" in all of their stores.

Demonstrations against $tarbucks over the failed promises to actively promote fair trade coffee and to remove all genetically engineered ingredients from their menu are going ahead as planned.

There are two locations that will be targeted on Tuesday, March 20th in Chicago and Oak Park.

The press conference will happen at noon at the $tarbucks at 444 North Michigan AVE and the $Bs at 1018 Lake Street in Oak Park at 6:PM.

Please come and bring signs to send a loud signal to Mr. $mith and $tarbucks that we expect them to uphold their pledge to actively promote fair trade coffee and to improve the working conditions of the people that toil in the fields to supply them with beans and to remove ALL GMO ingredients from their menu.

Please come join us.

Below is the AP article about $tarbucks beginning to serve rBGH-free dairy in their restaurants.

Tom Taylor
Organic Consumers Association
tom (at)

Friday March 16 10:27 PM EST
Starbucks To Change Milk Product
By ALLISON LINN, AP Business Writer

SEATTLE (AP) - Starbucks Coffee Co. has begun efforts to serve only milk free of genetically modified ingredients such as bovine growth hormone, the company president said Friday.

The Food and Drug Administration has said milk containing bovine growth hormone is safe for human consumption.

But the company was more concerned about public perception than health concerns, said Orin Smith, Starbucks' president and chief executive.

``If I've got 10 percent of my customer base that's concerned about this issue, I'm concerned,'' Smith said in an interview late Friday.

Starbucks, a coffee and specialty drink maker, is one of the largest milk users in the country, with 2,758 stores nationwide.

Six groups wrote a letter to Smith last month, demanding that the company take all genetically modified organisms out of its food ingredients.

Ronnie Cummins, campaign director for the Organic Consumers Association, said Starbucks was targeted because it uses so much milk in its products and the groups are confident Starbucks customers are concerned enough to respond to their campaign.

Activists still planned to target the company Tuesday, the day of the Seattle-based coffee maker's annual shareholders meeting.

Regarding Starbucks' annoucement, Cummins said, ``It sounds like a good first step. I'd love to see that in writing.''

He said the organization will continue to fight for all Starbucks products to be GMO-free and organic.

``I think their customers are going to demand it, and if they don't do what we're asking them to do, they're going to suffer in terms of their reputation and eventually in terms of their bottom line,'' Cummins said.

Bovine growth hormone, also known by the scientific name of recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), is injected in cows to increase the amount of milk they produce.

Critics off such biotech products hold that too little is known about their health and environmental effects.

The FDA has tried to ease public anxiety by proposing a mandatory review process for new genetically engineered foods. The new guidelines would require companies to notify the FDA of new biotech products at least four months before they are to be put on the market.

Smith said the company was hoping customers would be given the choice of growth hormone-free milk by late this summer.



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