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Hundreds rally in Goshen, Indiana

Hundreds of townspeople, religious leaders, and peace activists rallied for Peace in Goshen, Indiana.
It doesn't take a city to raise a crowd these days, and in Northern Indiana, a small town drove that point home Saturday afternoon when approximately 200 people gathered at the Elkhart County courthouse in Goshen, Indiana.
The rally, organized by an ad-hoc committee of local organizers, pastors, students, and professors, gathered in the Courthouse lawn for to sing, march, and wave signs against the war in Iraq.
The group marched Goshen's Main Street and then headed back along the opposite side, at times stretching for the length of a city block.
During the march, the rally attracted a good deal of attention from rush hour traffic, some supportive and some detractors.
The crowd represented a variety of different viewpoints and ideas from campaigners for Jay Rigdon, the local democratic representative, to Pagans for Peace from the local Universalist Unitarian Church. Also represented were students, faculty, and staff from Goshen College, a Mennonite liberal arts school just down the road as well as quite a few other Mennonites, a peace church well-represented in the town.
The march and rally lasted for abour 45 minutes before the crowd dispersed and went home.



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