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I was at yesterday's protest, and it was great, but it's not going to cut it if we're REALLY SERIOUS about stopping this WAR. I think we should.........

I was at yesterday’s demonstration in Chicago, and it was GREAT, in the sense of
a “feel-good” situation. All those faces committed to peace, etc.(it really was!)

BUT, if we’re SERIOUS about STOPPING THIS WAR, having a crowd of people
chanting to themselves, in a cut-off plaza in a deserted section of town... well, it’s not going to make it! (and forget about the non-existent

After the demonstration, I walked to a little demonstration at Buckingham
Fountain by the Outer Drive, about 30 (at most) people holding signs against the WAR. Every five
minutes MORE people saw them from the Outer Drive, than saw the 1000 or so
who were at Federal Plaza (do the math: a block’s length of cars times 8 lanes of
traffic) (And interestingly, one sign said “honk if you’re against this war” and the
WHOLE time there was a CONSTANT blaring of horns (so the sentiment is out

So what to do? How to be more VISIBLE!

1) Future demonstrations should be lined up along the OUTER-DRIVE!
50 people holding up banners could line the ENTIRE drive from Hollywood to
down town. (even 2 people holding ONE banner would make a strong statement).

2) BUMPER STICKERS, BUTTONS, and the like have to be available at ALL
EVENTS, so that people walking (or driving) away aren’t rendered INVISIBLE after
the event. If this is going to be MOVEMENT it’s critical that others see that
they’re not alone, it “lubricates” the voice of PROTEST.

And guys, WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME, once this war starts, it will be



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