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NYC-IWW pickets ACORN National Office

New York City Wobblies Picket ACORN National Office in Brooklyn
On Wednesday, March 14th, the Industrial Workers of the World - New York City (IWW-NYC) picketed outside the national office of ACORN in downtown Brooklyn. Wobblies were picketing in solidarity with IWW members in Philadelphia and Seattle who work for ACORN. Workers in both cities want ACORN management to recognize the union as a bargaining agent.

In Philadelphia some workers who tried to organize the union were harassed and others fired in management's effort to bust the union drive. A complaint has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

In Seattle the ACORN workers unanimously voted to unionize with the IWW. Because of ACORN management's refusal to recognize the union, they are entering the third week of a strike.

On Wednesday evening, the IWW-NYC handed out copies of To-Gather, a newsletter of the ACORN wobblies, and they voiced their demands that ACORN management:

Recognize the Industrial Workers of the World as the collective bargaining agent for ACORN workers in Seattle and Philadelphia;

Reinstate fired organizers with back pay times five, as demanded by ACORN's own People's Platform;
End union-busting activity in all ACORN offices, including firings, captive meetings with management, and the use of scabs;

Declare to all ACORN workers in all ACORN offices that ACORN recognize and honor their right to organize with a labor union of their own choosing, and that ACORN management immediately recognize any union that receives authorization cards from a majority of non-management workers in any ACORN office without requiring an election;
Fully comply with the ACORN People's Platform in its relations with all ACORN employees whether organized in a union or not.

ACORN worker's demands include a forty hour work week, safe working conditions, timely payment of salaries, and guaranteed lunch breaks.

Support ACORN Strikers
For background information about the IWW organizing drives in Philadelphia and Seattle:
Write or call ACORN directors to demand that they cease union busting, and that they recognize the union in Seattle and Philadelphia:

Call or write Executive Director Wade Rathke in New Orleans

phone: 504-943-0044 fax: 504-943-3842
email: chieforg (at)

Call or write Doug Bloch, Director in Seattle at:

phone: 206-723-5845
email: waacorn (at)

Contact ACORN's National Office:

Steve Kest, Executive Director:natexdirect (at)
Helene O'Brien, Field Director:fielddirect (at)
Lisa Donner, Campaign Director: acorncampaign (at)

88 3rd Avenue, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
phone: 718-246-7900
fax: 718-246-7939

Send a message of solidarity to the strikers in Seattle: bp172 (at)

Strike Funds are needed: Checks or Money orders can be made payable to IWW, and mailed to:

Seattle IWW
5215 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle WA 98107



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