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Jewish Desecration of Christian Cemetery

Noble Israel.

No, they don't rest in peace. Improper construction, neglect and vandalism have turned Ashkelon's Christian cemetery into an eyesore,
Ha'aretz (Israel), October 27, 2002

"'Whenever Jewish gravestones in overseas cemeteries are sprayed with hate messages, there is a huge hue and cry: `Anti-Semitism!' However, when Christian gravestones are uprooted in Israeli cemeteries, are any protests heard?' This is what Romy Nudelman recently wrote in protest
over the desecration of the grave of her Catholic mother in the Christian cemetery in Ashkelon. 'Is it not a divine decree that the stranger living in your midst should be treated with dignity? And is respect for the dead merely a cliche?' she continued in her letter to the President of the State of Israel, to the ministers of religious affairs and the interior, and to the mayor of Ashkelon. For more than seven years, she has protested the vandalism that has been carried out in Ashkelon's Christian cemetery. Various government agencies have admitted that the situation in that cemetery is 'serious and shocking'; however, no substantive measures have yet been taken to amend it."



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