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The entitlement of law and order is to get breach by Bush!

Daily 80-120 flights to middle east airbases for weapons of mass destruction carriage by air via UK/Germany/Italy
Stealth bomber F-117 detected by austrian radar called "Goldhaube". Photo shooting by austrian interceptor on 10/18/02 points two stealth-bombers by trying to cross a neutral country in Europe illegally using the radar shadow of an KC-10. Diplomatic protest inclusive a sample of shootings by Austrian government refused on 10/25/02 by US administration. The US forces are an absolute offense military and we all get be complicit if we allow this, impassively. The slaughter is setting in, whatever Bush is telling us.

Everybody have to stand up now before hundreds of thousands will die in brief by US aggressive military

count the body bags

PS: The sniper was trained by US military over 15 years to kill humans, a killing machine by profession. Nobody ask about but the progrom by dumb crowd against muslim has started immediately! 2000 encroachments counted till today. A really rough state and dangerous to the whole world.



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