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Major anti-war actions will take place in Washington, D.C.
and San Francisco that should draw more people than the April 20th actions. Smaller actions are planned around the
country including here in Illinois as solidarity actions with those in D.C. and San Francisco.
Major anti-war protests have been called by International ANSWER for Washington, D.C. and San Francisco on October 26th. These two major actions have the potential, given the
political climate, to bring more people into the streets than April 20th. There may be more people participating in these actions than have been in the streets since the movement against the Vietnam War. If you can go to Washington, D.C. protest, please do so but if you cannot
there are other "solidarity" actions planned across Illinois. If you have comrades, family or friends that live
in these areas---please alert them that these actions are

Chicago: Federal Plaza beginning at 12 noon, sponsored by
Chicagoans Against War on Iraq and the Committee of 100.

Northwest Suburbs: Peace Protest in Palatine, 12 noon -2:00pm at Volunteer Plaza, Northwest Highway & Hicks Road
(across from Palatine Plaza Shopping Center) sponsored by
Northwest Suburban SUSTAIN (Stop U.S. Tax-Funded Aid To Israel Now!)...No war on Iraq! Free Palestine! End the Occupation! SUSTAINnwburbs (at) or 847-359-7267

Rockford:Pro-Peace Rally starts at 1:00pm, Puri Peace Plaza, Perryville Road just south of Riverside off I-90.
Sponsored by: Rockford Peace & Justice Action Committee

Springfield, IL: Vigil & Gathering for Peace, in front of the State Capitol, 2nd and Capitol at 12 noon. Sponsored by several local peace and justice groups. Call Patty Drake at



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