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Quote from Wertmuller.
Wertmuller: "You should always carry a gun. Not to shoot yourself (or others), but to know that you're always making a choice."

"If my ancestors would have been armed, they wouldn't have been slaves." J. J. Johnson (and they want to make us slaves again, color doesn't matter). Notice, how they try to harass and intimidate you when you go to a 'public" park, it really belongs to them - the New Aristocrat. The U.S. government owns 70% of the land! This should be proivate property, instead they want us slaves in cities, so they can watch us always, cut down any trees, and watch us to make sure we don't get out of line, that's why they put so many Blacks in prison, to watch them. We know the real criminals are our politicians, their lackeyes and bootlickers in the media - the real criminals.



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