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Field Guide to the FTAA Protest in Quebec City now online!

A must read for those going to Quebec. The Guide can be located at
Field Guide to the FTAA Protest in Quebec City now online!
Version: March 12, 2001

Available at

If you want to join us in Quebec City from April 20 to 22 (2001) to protest FTAA, this guide is for you. We suggest that you print it and bring it with you to Quebec City. Make sure to have the latest version of this guide as it will evolve over time. We also suggest that you print the guide “Guess What We’ve Got Rights!” available at

1) Disclaimer
2) Introduction
3) The Police Operation
4) The Activist Operation
5) Languages in Quebec City
6) Housing
7) Maps
8) Getting to Quebec City
9) Driving in the Province of Quebec
10) Food
11) Border Crossing
12) Border Actions
13) Teach-ins on FTAA
14) E-mail Lists
15) Direct Actions
16) Events
17) Legal Information
18) Weather
19) Dealing with Journalists
20) Independent Media Center
21) Health Issues
22) Exchange Rates
23) Taxes
24) Other Practical Information
25) Electronic Mail
26) Tourist Information



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