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Deforestation in Nicaragua

Deforestation in Nicaragua will be the topic of a talk by Paul Baker Hernandez of the Nicaragua Network at 7:30 PM on Monday March 19 at Agape House, 1046 W. Polk (near blue line-free parking lot available)6:30 dinner. "The fate of Nicaragua's people and its forests are inextricably intertwined." 773-276-5626 Nicaragua Solidarity Cte
Paul Baker Hernandez, National Nicaragua Network staff person based in Nicaragua will be in Chicago March 19 to speak at 7:30 at Agape House, 1046 W. Polk, about deforestation in Nicaragua. Dinner will be served beforehand at 6:30. Sponsored by Chicago Nicaragua Solidarity Committee 773-276-5626. Find out what we can do about deforestation.

"The fate of Nicaragua's people and its forests are inextricably intertwined. The results of deforestation include climatic changes, droughts and drinking water shortages, flooding, soil erosion, crop losses and malnutrition, fuelwood shortages, destruction of marine resources and ultimately, increased poverty and potential for military conflicts. Yet Nicaragua's forest cover declined from 7 million hectares in 1950 to a current level of approximately 4.3 million hectares, and today deforestation is spiraling out of control. The claim is frequently cited that if current rates of deforestation are allowed to continue, Nicaragua's remaining broadleaf forests will be all but gone within 10-15 years. The human and ecological crisis necessitates an immediate internaitonal response." Jerry Muller, Nicaragua Network, in "Nicaragua: A Canary for the World."



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