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DES MOINES O26 action - civil disobedience and anti-war rally

A description of the anti-war events planned for Des Moines on October 26.
11 am – Demonstration at the Iowa Air Guard (Des Moines Airport), 3100 McKinley Ave. Several people plan to partake in a symbolic trespassing on the base, likely resulting in arrest. Others will demonstrate in support. The civil resistance and demonstration is a response to
deployment of Iowa’s guard to patrol the northern No-Fly Zone in Iraq — a military action never authorized by the UN Security Resolution. We expect good media coverage. Please come (if it's closer than Chicago) and show your support.

1 pm – Rally against war with Iraq and in support of civil liberties, Nollen Plaza (on Locust between 3rd and 4th). Educators, religious leaders, and activists will speak out against the mobilization for war in the Mideast.



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