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Campaign contributions: how the Anti-War movement can take the offensive

George Bush wants to use war to solidify his political power. We can stop him by contributing to anti-war candidates. Details within!
In order to stop this war, we need to get on the offensive. That means dealing Bush a major political blow in November.

Two ways we can do this:

1) Contribute to anti-war Congressional candidates through MoveOn PAC:

MoveOn PAC has been wildly successful at raising contributions for anti-war candidates so far. At last count (yesterday), more than 25,000 donors donated more than $900,000 to anti-war candidates in close Congressional races. This strategy is working! Even $10,000 can make a huge difference in a close House race. By concentrating funds on anti-war candidates, we can change the ballance of power in Washington and cripple the President's agenda.

2) Additionally, we can deal the President a personal blow by helping to defeat his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush, in his re-election bid. Send your check (for less than $100) to:

McBride for Governor
P.O. Box 300
Tampa, FL 33601

Be sure to enclose a letter stating your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS and that you are contributing to the McBride campaign as a protest against George Bush's war mongering.

Send a copy of that letter to President Bush, The White House, 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

This is another close campaign; Jeb Bush is vulnerable because of his double-standard in the War on Drugs, and McBride could unseat him. Using anti-war dollars to help do this will send the President a message he cannot ignore.

Defeat for the President in November, at the hands of the anti-war
movement, may mean no war in Iraq *after* November.

Please pass this on.



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