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President Bush Makes 21 Decisions

These 21 items illustrate the thinking of our President.
1. Approved lowest foreign aid per capita of all industrialized nation (0.1 percent)

2. Rejected the Land Mines Treaty (mines maims and kill 22,000 each year)

3. Refused to ratify Kyoto Protocol on global warming (U.S. is biggest world polluter)

4. Refused to sign the 2002 Biological Weapons Convention targeting germ warfare

5. Insisted on Chemical Weapons Convention exemptions, refusing inspections of US sites

6. Refused to endorse the formation of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

7. Refused to sign Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Unlike all other NATO partners)

8. Refused to ratify measures to disallow involvement of children in armed conflicts

9. Snubbed 2002 UN Earth Summit in Rio attended by 172 nations

10. Snubbed 2002 UN World Conference on Racism in Durbin

11. Buried the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty that had benefited the world

12. Removed curbs on arms sales of $3.5 billion to unstable developing countries

13. Budgeted proportionally more on weapons than any previous U.S. administration

14. Ignored killing of 1892 Palestinians and 662 Israelis (Mostly civilians on both sides)

15. Promotes costly U.S. National Missile Defense (NMD) to dismay of world

16. First to terminate "no-first-use" rule for nuclear weapons

17. Supports IsraelÕs illegal occupation and contempt for UN resolutions

18. Used bombs and sanctions to help kill 100,000 Iraqui children age four and under

19. Threatened UN with nonpayment of dues for seat on Human Rights Commission

20. Has made the U.S. the most arrogant and most hated country in the world

21. Now hopes to distract U.S. public's attention from a sick domestic economy (five-year lows
on the stock market) and multi-millionaire CEO crooks, by promoting war on defenseless Iraquis
for sake of oil lobby, Israeli right-wing ideologues, and the military-industrial complex.




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