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Latest Palestinian Uprising Intensifies

The latest Palestinian uprising against Israel's latest wave of attacks intensified all day Sunday with clashes reported throughout the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and Galilee.
September 2000 Clashes
- Breaking news from Occupied Palestine -

Sunday 1 October, 2000:
Web posted 10:45 PM (GMT+2), Ramallah, West Bank

Clashes continued all day throughout the West Bank, Gaza and areas within 1948 Occupied Palestinian territories.

Following earlier reports of Israeli Forces firing LAW Rockets at Palestinian Military posts in Rafah, Gaza, more reports stated that protests had spread to the 'Martyrs Junction' in Khan Younis, at the northern entrance of Gaza near Beit Hanoun and the site of yesterday's clashes. More injuries were reported in these areas. 25 injuries were in Rafah, with the possibility of the number rising as the number of injuries sustained from the rocket attacks has yet to be determined. In Gaza City, 24 injuries were reported, with an unidentified number killed. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that Israeli helicopters had fired 500 mm ammunition three times at a field hospital located within Gaza City.

Armed confrontations in Al Bireh, Ramallah on the northern entrance of Al Bireh stopped at approximately 6:00 PM but occasional shots can still be heard. All civilians have been evacuated from the area. Clashes in Al Bireh have resulted in the death of at least 4 Palestinians:

Imad al A'anani, Al Am'ari Refugee Camp
Salah Al Faqih, 25 years old, Qattanah
Ali Al A'ddassi, Al Bireh
Muhammad Nabil Ali Hamed, 12 years old, Al Bireh

Another 35 injuries have thus far been reported, 2 of which include medical personnel from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. The two were injured after Israeli military forces began shooting at ambulances trying to reach the injured.

Armed confrontations began again shortly after 6:00 PM and continue in Al Bireh between Israeli Settlers and soldiers and Palestinian Security Forces. These clashes are on going on the eastern entrance of Al Bireh, near the Israeli settlement of Jabal Al Tawil. The number of casualties is not yet known.

Tanks, helicopters and snipers have surrounded the Nablus area near Joseph's Tomb and reports confirmed of tanks firing rockets within the area. Helicopters have also been firing 500 mm ammunition and snipers continue to target Palestinians around the area of Joseph's Tomb. On at least two occasions, Israeli tanks reportedly tried to break into the Palestinian Autonomous areas of Nablus. To date, five Palestinians were killed today during clashes in Nablus:

Mustafa Muhammad Ramadan, 22 years old
Samer Samir Tabanjah, 10 years old
Husam Bakheit, 19 years old
Jihad Mahmoud Al A'loul, 23 years old
Iyad Al Khashashi, 17 years old.

The number of casualties is still unconfirmed, but expected to be very high.

In Um Al Fahem, Muhammad Ahmad 'Eid Jabarin, a 23 year old from Um Al Fahem, died today from injuries sustained from live ammunition during clashes. Ahmad Ibrahim Siam Mahameed, another Palestinian from Um Al Fahem, was shot in the head and announced clinically dead.

In addition to Um Al Fahem, more clashes were reported to be taking place in other areas within the 1948 occupied lands. In Nazareth, Sakhnin and Rahat, numerous injuries were reported as a result of clashes that have been on going for the past two days.

The known casualties from today's clashes include:

Hebron 65
Halhoul 9
Bani Na'im 23
Rafah 25
Gaza City 24
Bethlehem 20
Tulkarem 76
Jenin 14
Al Khader, Tqou', Beith Sahour 45
Ramallah 35
Qalqilya 50

The total number of known injuries from today are 386. Those killed in today's clashes to date are 13.

For continuing coverage, please visit the Addameer Palestinian Prisoners Support Organization website



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