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Help Ireland Throw a Spanner in the works of the GATS Machine.

Help Ireland Throw a Spanner in the works of the GATS ( Machine. A call to action Ireland ( to anti-GATS campaigners worldwide.

Irish citizens were the only citizens of the European Union who had the
opportunity to vote on whether or not to ratify the href="">Treaty of Nice .
Irish people voted No to the Nice Treaty just over a year ago. This, in the
of the increasingly anti-democratic European Union and in the eyes of the
neo-liberal Irish Government, was the wrong answer. So the exact same
is being rerun on Saturday 19th October. Those calling for a Yes vote
the majority of our political parties, the entire National and Multinational
Business community in Ireland and pro-liberalization forces from all over
Europe. They are outspending the Irish opposition by a href="">factor of
9/1  in their desperation to change the minds of Irish Voters. Why?
They say it is because they want to facilitate href="">en
of the EU and that the treaty is necessary to do this. This has been href="">ch

A charge on href="">Indymedia Ireland is that the treaty it
grant anti-democratic href="">fast-track
powers  to the unelected European Commission to sign the EU as a
up to International trade negotiations with the WTO on the GATS and TRIPS
agreements. No wonder href="">Peter
- ex head of the WTO - has been campaigning extensively here. The Irish
a vote on GATS and Corporate Globalization. Groups and individuals who are
against the forced implementation of GATS on a worldwide level can help us
sending statements of support for a no vote on Nice to the Indymedia Ireland
href="">Newswire. We will
these to the href="">Irish Media
Politicians, Civil Society and those campaigning against this insult to




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