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Thursday, March 15: Protest Police Brutality at Police Board Meeting!

When: Thursday, March 15, 7 PM
Where: Chicago Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan
(To speak at this meeting, you MUST call the Police Board at 312-742-4194 by 3:30 p.m. Wednesday)
On Sunday, March 4, police snatched the 17-year-old son of Ruth Pena -- Chicago's most prominent Latina police corruption opponent -- from his back yard and arrested him for attempted murder. Pena's son was with his mother at the time of the murder attempt and had never been picked up by the police before. Within hours, community people and activists from around the city mobilized at the 14th district police station -- and after several hours police reversed their decision and freed Pena's son without charges. This abuse of police power did not happen in isolation. Consider these facts:

* On Thursday, March 8 Jeremiah Mearday was found INNOCENT after police tried to frame him on assault charges. Fraternal Order of Police President Bill Nolan then issued verbal threats that suggest cops will go after both Mearday again -- and after the judge in the case, as well, because he ruled aganst the cops and prosecution in agreeing to admit evidence of police wrongdoing.

* Two weeks ago, Amnesty International issued a report condemning anti-gay violence by Chicago police against Frederick Mason, Jr. and Jeffrey Lyons. Yet Cook County States Attorney Dick Devine still refuses to criminally charge the police and prosecute them.

* In late February, in broad daylight in front of several witnesses, police attacked a 19-year-old defense witness in the trial of Jonathan Tolliver, who cops are trying to frame for the murder of police officer Michael Ceriale.

* In recent weeks, Dick Devine's office has prosecuted four Polish immigrants for murder on the basis of confessions written in English -- a language they neither read nor write. Three juries could not reach consensus to convict the young men -- but Devine's office is still considering reprosecuting them. The cop who "obtained" these confessions, Reynaldo Guevara, is responsible for framing a host of other innocent people, including Pena's brother, Angel, recently released from prison after being found innocent of all charges by an appeals court.

* In an ominous related development, Mayor Daley recently convinced right wing federal judges to permit police spying against community groups.

The hallmark of most [Lyons was never charged] of the individual cases cited above is the willful targeting of innocent people for arrest and prosecution by crooked cops. As was shown with the attempted frame up of Ruth Pena's son, community mobilization can stop some of the worst abuses of police power. Send a message to the mayor and his police department that we will not tolerate police corruption and brutality. Please join activists from around the city for a protest at the next meeting of the Chicago Police Board.

Groups building for Thursday's Police Board meeting include the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, Comite Exigemos Justicia, the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, the Christian Council on Urban Affairs, and Neighbors Against Police Brutality. CABN will be able to provide a limited amount of rides leaving from the North Side. Please call 773-878-3697 to reserve a space in a car



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